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MEA survey: Michigan teachers don't want teachers armed

May 14, 2018

Credit Lucio Eastman - Free State Project - PorcFest 2009 / Wikimedia Commons

A new survey finds only a quarter of Michigan teachers think arming teachers will make students safer from gun violence.

The poll found 95% of teachers and support staff say schools need more funding for mental health services.

Paula Herbart is president of the Michigan Education Association, which commissioned the poll.  

"More counselors and social workers can work with students who are struggling with issues in and outside the classroom, and provide them with the support they need," says Herbart.

Most teachers in the poll also support more security guards in schools, and stricter gun laws.

Jim Pearson is a retired teacher and a gun owner. He says responding to active shooter situations should be left to the police.

"Even as a gun owner, there's no amount of training that could make me more effective in an active school shooter situation (than police)," says Pearson.