Meijer offers to ships items anywhere in the world | Michigan Radio

Meijer offers to ships items anywhere in the world

Jan 31, 2011

Michigan-based retail giant Meijer says it will now ship any of the items from its stores to any place in the world. Before now, customers could only get bulk items shipped to their homes.

Frank Guglielmi is a Meijer spokesman.

“There’s the customers who are familiar and predisposed towards Meijer who perhaps lived in the Midwest or Grand Rapids and have moved to other destinations and then there’s providing a good offering online for groceries for any consumer out there.”

Guglielmi says they suspect the new service could also help people in remote areas access a wider array of products and save them the long trip to the nearest store.

“UPS trucks are just about everywhere so folks who may live in a remote area where it’s a one hour drive to the nearest grocery store and it may be a small grocery store; now they can go online and the brown truck will pull up and bring them their Meijer groceries. So it’s a great way for folks in remote areas to actually save gasoline.”

Guglielmi says it’ll take 2 to 4 days for an order to arrive. Customers won’t be able to buy perishable items like milk or produce online.  Shipping costs will be based on the value of the order.