Michelle Obama urges Detroiters, Democrats to vote: "When we stay home, they win."

Oct 10, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama headlined a campaign event for Michigan Democrats in Detroit Friday.

The First Lady got a warm, energetic reception from the crowd at the Detroit Music Hall.

She encouraged them to sustain that energy right through election day.

Mrs. Obama praised the Democrats running at the top of the ticket: Mark Schauer for Governor, and Gary Peters for US Senate.  

She told the crowd that Democrats fare better when voter turnout is high—and it’s especially important in Detroit.

“Detroit, you alone can change the nature of this election,” Mrs. Obama said. “Right here in this city. You can do it.”

“Because when we stay home, they win. So they’re assuming that we won’t care. They are hoping that we won’t be organized and energized. They are praying that we just sit around and wait for somebody else to fix our problems.”

Detroit voter turnout isn’t as crucial to Democrats in statewide races as it used to be--but it’s still important, and could be especially key in the Governor’s race this year.

Most polls show Schauer and Governor Rick Snyder in a tight contest in the final weeks of the campaign.

The First Lady also touted President Obama’s legislative accomplishments, like the Affordable Care Act, noting that many Americans now have affordable health insurance for the first time.

She also played up the President’s handling of the economy, pointing out that he inherited a country in “dire crisis mode” that’s now better off by almost “every economic measure.”

Not surprisingly, Republicans had quite a different take on those same issues.

"Whenever Democrats have the opportunity to lead — whether it's Jennifer Granholm here in Michigan, or Harry Reid in the Senate — they end up stifling our success and reversing our progress," Michigan Republican Party chairman Bobby Schostak said in a Friday statement. "Michigan is on the road to recovery, and we don't need President Obama, or any other Democrats trying to halt our momentum; Gov. Rick Snyder, U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land and fellow Michigan Republicans will continue moving us forward."