Michigan Climate March to urge going beyond Paris

Dec 12, 2015

There is near universal scientific agreement that emissions of CO2 from human activity are building up in the atmosphere and oceans, warming the earth, melting glaciers, increasing sea levels, and threatening coastal regions, agriculture and habitats.
Credit Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio

As 190 nations try to finalize a climate change agreement in Paris, activists around the world are planning marches and rallies in support of that agreement.

But it won't be enough, says Nicholas Jansen of the group 350.org, so named for a reduction to 350 parts CO2 per million that the group is pushing the world to achieve.

That's why his group, and others around the world, will immediately begin pressuring their governments to go far beyond what is agreed to in Paris.

Jansen says the U.S. needs to play a large role.

"Being the wealthiest country, we need to do more," says Jansen, "since we've also been historically the largest polluters."

The march will begin at 2 p.m. in front of the federal building in Ann Arbor, and end up at the University of Michigan Diag around 3 p.m.  Organizers expect that speeches will conclude by 4 p.m.