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A Michigan company helps vehicles switch to propane fuel

Sep 3, 2014

Credit User: Toby Scott / Flickr

A small Michigan company has a big goal: to retrofit thousands of cars a year to run on propane.

Albert Venezio is the Chairman of Icom North America based in New Hudson. According to Venezio, some of the advantages of running a car on propane include:

  • Approximately 50% emission reduction
  • Zero particulate matter
  • 100% U.S. fuel source
  • 30%-50% reduction in fuel cost
  • Extension of service life in vehicle

Venezio said there are 23 million propane vehicles around the world, the third most popular fuel after gasoline and diesel. Now in the U.S., propane is used more commonly in the fleet vehicle market. But Venezio said the trend is coming to the nation's consumer vehicle market.

“After we get more infrastructure out there, more vehicle platforms EPA certified … we think it’ll then move to the consumer vehicle market,” Venezio said.

*Listen to the interview with Albert Venezio above.