Michigan congressional races "too close to call"

Nov 2, 2010

Update 11:51pm: The 7th district has been called for Republican Tim Walberg.

11:03pm: Three congressional races in Michigan remain close. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that even with the aid of key precinct data, the Free Press was unable to immediately call winners in Michigan’s 15th, 7th and 9th congressional districts.

Democrat Mark Schauer is currently behind Republican Tim Walberg in the 7th district race. Schauer says the urban vote still has not come in yet and he believes he'll be able to make up the difference. According to The Free Press: 

No other House race in the nation attracted as much outside spending as the Schauer-Walberg rematch -- $8.5 million, according to the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, D.C., which tracks campaign contributions.