Michigan crops wilting in sparse rainfall and heat | Michigan Radio

Michigan crops wilting in sparse rainfall and heat

Jul 4, 2016

An unusually dry, hot June is hurting crops across the Midwest, including Michigan.

Everything from beans to sugar beets to wheat is suffering, says Kate Krepps of the Michigan Farm Bureau.

"It's been a strange year," says Krepps.  "We had such a wet beginning, so it was really challenging for folks to get crops in the field in a lot of different areas, particularly in southern Michigan.  And then they got them in the field, and we haven't had much rain since then."

The situation could reduce yields and profits for the roughly 75,000 people who farm in the state.

But Krepps says farmers are risk-takers and optimists by nature.

She says, "They tell themselves, it could be better - but it could also be worse."

Krepps says it's unlikely that consumers will notice higher prices for food, unless there are natural disasters in other parts of the world that also affect major crops like wheat and soybeans.