Michigan delegates disappointed Ohio governor won't endorse Donald Trump | Michigan Radio

Michigan delegates disappointed Ohio governor won't endorse Donald Trump

Jul 19, 2016

Michigan delegates say they are disappointed Ohio Governor John Kasich did not endorse Donald Trump for president when he met with them today in Akron.

Kasich was among the 16 other Republicans who ran and lost to Trump in the Republican primaries and caucuses.

John Kasich is skipping the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week.  He is attending a few satellite events like the one this morning with the Michigan delegation in Akron, Ohio. 

Kasich told the Michigan delegates the Republican Party needs a positive message to reach out beyond its current base.

“Our party has to be, in the long term and in the medium and short term, a unifying, a lifting, and a hopeful party.”

Kasich plans to campaign for congressional Republican candidates this fall.

Michigan delegates hope he comes around to support the Trump campaign too.

Kathy Berden is a national committeewoman and a Trump delegate. She’s disappointed.

"Not only with him, but any of the candidates who said they would pledge to back the eventual nominee. So it is a surprise that anyone would do that. It’s going back on your word," Berden said. "And actions speak louder than words."

Berden and other Michigan delegates hope Kasich will change his mind and support Trump.