Michigan Democrats pushing for big voter turnout on Election Day

Oct 21, 2014

Bill Clinton will be campaigning with Democrats in Flint tomorrow.

Former President Bill Clinton is the latest big name Democrat campaigning in Michigan's 2014 election. First Lady Michelle Obama and former U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton have also stumped for votes in Detroit this fall.
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The former president is just the latest big-name Democrat to push for votes in Michigan. First Lady Michelle Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have made campaign stops in Detroit to rally the Democratic Party base in recent weeks.

President Barack Obama is expected to visit Michigan before Election Day.

One analyst says Democrats are bringing in big names in an attempt to boost turnout in next month’s election.

Pollster Bernie Porn says Democrats will need to get a voter turnout normally not seen outside of presidential election years. He says attracting a few hundred thousand more Democratic voters will be needed if they hope to have Democrat Mark Schauer defeat Republican incumbent Gov. Rick Snyder.

Despite a spirited campaign, polls show Democratic nominee Mark Schauer is trailing incumbent Republican Rick Snyder in the governor's race.
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“I think that is probably a tall order,” says Porn, who’s not sure if even President Obama’s visit the week before the election will be enough to motivate voters who would otherwise stay home on Election Day.   

But Porn warns, “If they can’t, well then it will likely be a Snyder win.”

Recent polls show Rick Snyder leading Mark Schauer among likely voters.

The Democrats are not alone in attracting political star power to their 2014 campaigns.

Gov. Rick Snyder has moved ahead in recent polls, but is still polling at below 50% less than two weeks before Election Day.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and potential 2016 presidential candidates Chris Christie and Jeb Bush have also campaigned for votes for Michigan Republicans this fall.