Michigan dog owners rally against breed-specific legislation | Michigan Radio

Michigan dog owners rally against breed-specific legislation

Sep 18, 2014

A coalition of dog groups is upset the state allows local governments to ban specific breeds of dogs.    

Turok was one of several four-legged lobbyists who took the grounds of the state Capitol Wednesday.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Many communities put restrictions on pit bulls, often out of concern about dog attacks.

Courtney Protz-Sander organized a rally of like-minded dog owners at the state Capitol on Wednesday. She says it’s unfair to tell people what kinds of dogs they can own.

“We want to let cities, townships, and counties know you can have your own dog law,” says Protz-Sanders, “but it needs to apply to all dogs. No more targeting specific breeds.”

Sanders says the problem is bad owners, not bad breeds of dogs.

Sanders hopes Michigan will become the 20th state to ban local governments from imposing specific dog breed legislation.