Michigan donors slow to give to Trump campaign | Michigan Radio

Michigan donors slow to give to Trump campaign

Jul 19, 2016

Republicans raising money for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign are hearing the word ‘no’ from some Michigan donors.

Trump’s initial intent to self-fund his campaign, along with his rejection of the party’s establishment, has turned some donors off.

David Nicholson’s family have a long history of donating to Republican candidates.

The family gave thousands to the Jeb Bush and John Kasich campaigns early on.  Nicholson is attending the Republican National Convention as an alternate Kasich delegate,

Nicholson says he hasn’t been asked about giving to the Trump campaign fund, but he says they won’t be doing that. 

“We’ve donated pretty heavily through this presidential cycle already,” says Nicholson, “so I think our budget for the presidential cycle is pretty well tapped out.”

While donors are shying away from Trump, many are donating to Michigan legislator and congressional campaigns.