Michigan infrastructure report due soon

Nov 25, 2016

If you've ever driven down a pot-hole strewn road, or needed  a filter just to drink your tap water in Flint, you know just how crappy parts of Michigan's infrastructure are right now. 

Now a special commission is expected to deliver a report to the governor next week, outlining what needs to be done to address the state's growing infrastructure needs.

Governor Rick Snyder appointed his 21st Century Infrastructure Commission earlier this year to put together a plan for upgrading the state’s roads and bridges, water and sewer lines, communications and other basic infrastructure.  

It’s possible Michigan may get some help from Washington D.C. to pay what should be a big price tag. 

Candidate Donald Trump proposed using tax incentives to attract a trillion dollars in private investment in infrastructure.   It’s unclear in now president-elect Trump will push that idea forward.