Michigan jobless rate drops to 17 year low | Michigan Radio

Michigan jobless rate drops to 17 year low

Jun 15, 2017

Michigan’s unemployment rate fell a half percentage point in May.

Michigan’s jobless rate fell to its lowest level last month since December of 2000 to 4.2%.  

“These numbers should encourage all Michiganders to continue to work hard and keep our foot on the gas,” Gov. Rick Snyder said in a written statement. “We are moving forward on a great path toward our future.  The state's continued commitment to workforce development along with the lowest unemployment rate our state has seen in nearly 17 years proves that.”

But the size of Michigan’s workforce remains far below that of the year 2000. 

The number of unemployed Michiganders fell by 24,000, propelled largely by 21,000 fewer people in the state’s workforce.   Total employment inched up by 3,000. 

Michigan’s jobless rate is now slightly below the national unemployment rate.