Michigan lawmaker to propose park fund amendment | Michigan Radio

Michigan lawmaker to propose park fund amendment

Jun 25, 2018

Credit Lindsey Smith / Michigan Radio

A Michigan lawmaker is looking to amend the rules governing trust fund money intended to grow public land for resource protection and recreational opportunities.

The Detroit News reports that Republican Sen. Tom Casperson is proposing a funding solution for the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund on the November ballot. He wants to amend Michigan's Constitution to allow for at least 25 percent of any funding to go toward park land acquisition and at least 25 percent to development.

The trust fund money rules currently favor buying land instead of developing it, with less than 25 percent of funds going to development.

Trust fund board member Bill Rustem says there's a greater need to develop properties but the board is approving nearly every acquisition project.

Casperson needs legislators to approve the ballot measure by Sept. 6.