Michigan lawmakers considering dumping the state's ticket scalping law

Jan 14, 2014

The state House Criminal Justice committee will consider a bill tomorrow morning that would effectively make ticket scalping legal in Michigan.

Currently, state law requires tickets to sporting events and other entertainment be resold at the face value of the ticket. The law has been on the books since 1931.  

Linda Teeter is co-chair of Michigan Ticket Fairness Coalition and executive director of Michigan Citizen Action. She says many people have found themselves stuck with tickets they can’t use and the price on the ticket doesn’t reflect all the fees and charges they paid ticket sellers.

“I believe that the consumer has the right to add on those charges, and the current state law doesn’t allow that,” says Teeter.

The bill before the committee would actually allow ticket resellers to sell for whatever price a buyer may be willing to pay.

The state House Fiscal Agency says Michigan’s current ticket scalping law is rarely enforced.