Michigan lawmakers return to work in Lansing this week

Sep 2, 2013

The Labor Day weekend signals an end to summer, and this week the Legislature returns to a full-time schedule.

The first order of business is final votes on expanding Medicaid.

Legislative leaders hope to wrap up the controversial question of expanding Medicaid to thousands of working poor people. The Senate has to vote on whether the coverage will begin January first, and a House vote is needed to send the bill to Governor Rick Snyder.

The issue has pitted Republicans against Republicans, some of whom think that extending the Medicaid program will make more Michiganders healthier while saving taxpayers money. Others are opposed to any cooperation with the expansion of taxpayer-funded health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Once that controversy is resolved, Governor Snyder has asked lawmakers to turn their attention to coming up with a way to raise more money for roads and other transportation infrastructure.