Michigan lawmakers seek to revive Civilian Conservation Corps

Oct 22, 2012

Some Michigan lawmakers hope to restore a program that would put young adults to work on public works projects—but without costing taxpayers any money.

The state Senate recently approved legislation to resurrect the Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps.   

The legislation would fund the MCCC through a public-private partnership. Bill sponsors say no taxpayer dollars would be involved.

The bills were supported by commanding bi-partisan majorities in the Senate.

State Senator Phil Pavlov said the goal is to put young people to work while helping to preserve the state’s natural assets.

“That was the intent of all the legislators working on it. And it showed on the board when we did get that overwhelming support,” he said.

Lawmakers changed the bills to include some high school students and returning veterans in the program.

Supporters hope the bills will win approval in the state House after the November election.