Michigan Radio's Guide to the Ballot Proposals

Oct 23, 2012

The rules lawmakers in Lansing play by could change after November 6.

That's when you will decide on six statewide ballot proposals.

Proposal 1 is a referendum on the state's Emergency Manager Law.

Proposals 2 through 6 seek to amend the state's Constitution.

Voters in Michigan have not been faced with this many proposed amendments to the Michigan Constitution since 1978, when they decided on nine amendments.

So is the state constitution a good place to make these changes?

Our investigative reporter Lester Graham and our political analyst Jack Lessenberry have taken a look at that:

Understanding how to vote on these proposals is challenging, especially when voters are inundated with cherry-picked information from the pro and con sides of the debate.

Here's our Guide to the Ballot Proposals to help you sort it all out: