Michigan Republican grassroots leader removed for refusing to back Trump

Oct 17, 2016

A state Republican leader is losing her party position because she won’t back Republican nominee Donald Trump for president. Wendy Lynn Day was elected grassroots vice chair at a state party convention last year. In the role, she served as a liaison between the Republican Party and the tea party movement.

Day backed Senator Ted Cruz in the primary, but said she cannot support Trump, whom she does not consider a Republican.

“The issue here for me is our platform and our values, and doing what’s best for the party long-term includes making sure that we continue to share our platform and our values,” Day said.    

Michigan Republicans say party rules left no choice – a party official cannot refuse to support a Republican candidate.

“Wendy is elected within our state party to support our candidates, and if she cannot do so, she clearly cannot fulfill the obligations that she has committed to, so we will be removing her from that position,” said Michigan Republican spokeswoman Sarah Anderson.

Anderson said this does not mean Day is being booted from the party.