Michigan Republicans sign on to defund Obamacare | Michigan Radio

Michigan Republicans sign on to defund Obamacare

Sep 20, 2013

All nine of Michigan’s Republican members of Congress voted for House legislation that would defund the Affordable Care Act

The bill is a part of a recent political ultimatum coming from Republican lawmakers: either cut Obamacare or shut down the government.

The language was attached to a continuing resolution — a temporary measure that allows the government to maintain the current levels of funding to federal agencies while Congress works out a fully-fledged budget plan.

As the fiscal year comes to a close on September 30, many Republicans are acting quickly to push legislation that would allow the government to keep running, provided sequester-level cuts are maintained and the healthcare law is entirely defunded. That effort is bicameral: Texan Sen. Ted Cruz also introduced a bill that calls for an end to Obamacare.

Not all Republicans are in support of the last-ditch effort to push out Obamacare — especially in the Senate.

"I said it was the dumbest idea I'd ever heard of," Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) said, arguing that the plan to either defund the ACA or shut down the government was a poor political move.

Melanie Kruvelis, Michigan Radio Newsroom