As Michigan’s population ages, accessible housing lags behind | Michigan Radio

As Michigan’s population ages, accessible housing lags behind

Aug 3, 2018

The larger Metro Detroit area, including the inner-ring suburbs, the outer-ring suburbs, and the surrounding counties, is beginning to face a new problem that's only going to get bigger.

Treskon said elements inside homes such as stairs and bathtubs can present an issue for an aging population, and two out of three houses in Detroit even have stairs leading to the entrance that need to be navigated.
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We have an aging population, and our housing stock is largely inadequate for those older residents, especially when it comes to negotiating physical barriers like steps.

Mark Treskon, a research associate at the Urban Institute and co-author of a report examining this issue, joined Stateside to talk about Michigan's changing demographics and needs.

Listen above to hear what's driving Michigan's graying population, what benefits "aging in place" can offer, and how Metro Detroit's housing fares in accessibility.

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