Michigan singer Sarah Price releases her debut album | Michigan Radio

Michigan singer Sarah Price releases her debut album

Jun 16, 2015

Sarah Price's debut album "SarahTonin" comes out this week.
Credit Toko Shiiki

Sarah Price is the choir teacher at Saline High School, and this week she is releasing her debut CD, SarahTonin.

Price studied vocal performance and music education at Michigan State University. She tells us that her musical background is mostly choral and classical, but through singing with different groups around the Ann Arbor area she has been experimenting with funk and jazz and that side of her voice.

SarahTonin is a collection of original songs, save for the final piece on the album, George Frideric Handel’s "Oh People."

She says she included that track as a nod to her roots. “I love singing classically,” Price says. “Choir has made me the musician that I am, so I wanted to feature that side of myself.”

Price tells us that while she’s excited to be performing and sharing her art, she isn’t leaving teaching behind.

“The students just inspire me every day,” she says. “I often think you teach what you want to learn, and I push myself as a songwriter and a creator while I do that with them.”

Visit Sarah Price’s website to learn more, and listen to some of her music in our interview above.