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Michigan State University announces new health structure

Feb 14, 2018

Credit Branislav Ondrasik / Wikimedia Commons / http://j.mp/1SPGCl0

Michigan State University wants to change up its health systems structure. In an effort to streamline the school and increase communication among colleges, the university plans to create two new oversight positions.

Norman Beauchamp is currently the dean of the College of Human Medicine. He is expected to become the newly created associate provost and assistant vice president for health affairs. That job will be focused on finding ways to improve safety and quality practices across all of MSU’s health care services.

Beauchamp says this is a way for the school to improve best practices and response times in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal.

“People came to us, young women and their families, and we disappointed we failed them," said Beauchamp. "And so the need to restore hope could not be greater and we will do that.”

Nassar is the former MSU sports doctor recently convicted of sexually assaulting multiple women under the guise of treatment. MSU has been reeling in the wake of accusations that students reported Nassar to MSU officials, but were ignored.

Interim President John Engler announced the changes. He called Nassar a “cancer.” Engler says he hopes this will help the school move beyond Nassar.

“We can say all we want about whatever it is, we have to actually act, we have to do. And that’s what we’re doing today, is we’re starting to act, we are doing, and you will see results.”