Michigan Tea Party members hope to build on their "victory" in Wisconsin

Jun 6, 2012

Tea Party activists say they are encouraged by the results of this week’s recall election in Wisconsin.       They say Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's victory will also bring change to Michigan.

About a hundred Tea Party supporters turned out for an afternoon rally on Kalamazoo’s southside.

Many were invigorated by their “victory” in Wisconsin to keep Tea Party favorite Governor Scott Walker in office.    Walker withstood a strong recall effort by labor unions and others.   The unions objected to Walker’s push to strip collective bargaining rights from state workers in Wisconsin.  

Howard Kaloogian is the founder of the Tea Party Express, a national group that promotes conservative candidates.    He says Tuesday’s election shows voters “are able to stomach reform”

“It was a total victory for good, common sense reform,” says Kaloogian. 

Kaloogian says the Tea Party’s focus in Michigan should be on this fall’s U.S. Senate race.   Incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow is running for re-election. Kaloogian says defeating Stabenow is a priority, though his organization still hasn’t decided which Republican candidate to support.