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Michigan voters will decide how district lines are drawn

Aug 1, 2018

An initiative to change how Michigan draws its political boundaries is headed for the November ballot.

In a 4-3 ruling late Tuesday night, the Michigan Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit challenging a redistricting ballot proposal.

Currently Michigan’s political district lines are drawn by the state Legislature every 10 years. This proposal would create a commission made up of Independents, Republicans and Democrats to decide the political lines.

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Katie Fahey is with the group Voters Not Politicians. It’s been working for more than a year to get the measure on the ballot. She says she’s happy that the group can now focus on a single task – getting people to vote.

“We are planning to move full steam ahead on getting Michiganders to understand what an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission means for Michigan and voting yes on Proposal 2," she said.

The opposition to the measure said it would essentially change the powers of the state government and was too extensive an overhaul for a ballot proposal.

The Michigan Court of Appeals rejected that argument – and so did the highest court in the state.

The court said the proposal does not significantly alter the structure of Michigan’s government.

Now voters will get to decide in November.