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This Michigander makes puzzles for the New York Times

Oct 6, 2014


Credit User: Matt MacGillivray / Flickr


For many of us, a newspaper encounter is not complete until we've done the crossword puzzle.

And the New York Times crossword puzzle is one of the premier puzzles.

Tracy Bennett, an Ann Arbor-based puzzle constructor, has been getting her puzzles onto the pages of the New York Times.

Her most recent puzzle for the New York Times is a themeless puzzle. She says a themeless puzzle typically has fewer words and needs to meet a symmetry requirement.  

Bennett says she started making puzzles by going to tournaments.

"I've been solving since I was 16. I guess when I was a very small child – 17 months old, I was into jigsaw puzzles. It just went on from there," says Bennett.

Bennett adds she spends about four hours a week in puzzle making, and it takes her about 4 weeks to make one puzzle.

* Listen to the full conversation with Tracy Bennett above.