Michigan's attorney general sides with Flint pastors in lawsuit over water delivery

Jan 17, 2017

Attorney General Bill Schuette says the state should have to deliver water to every household in Flint that doesn’t have water filters properly installed.

That position puts him at odds with Governor Rick Snyder’s administration, which is trying to have a court order requiring the deliveries dismissed. 

Noah Hall is Schuette’s attorney in the case. He says the state caused the problem, so it has a responsibility to Flint residents.

“They deserve to be supplied with the same type of safe, reliable water that you and I and everyone else in Michigan gets through a municipal water system and that has not been provided for two and a half years now,” says Hall. 

Hall’s legal argument says the state is violating the federal Clean Water Act.

The state says water deliveries would be too expensive, and would divert resources from permanent solutions to the drinking water crisis. 

The case is now in mediation.