Michigan's gasoline prices pushing $4 a gallon - again

May 17, 2013

Gasoline prices have risen sharply during the last few days.

"GasBuddy.com" pegs Michigan’s average price per gallon at $3.85. That's up ten cents from a week ago, and it's 20 cents higher than the national average. Many gas stations are already charging $3.99 a gallon, with a few charging more than four dollars. 

Gregg Laskoski is a senior petroleum analyst with GasBuddy. He says prices are not rising because of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

Laskoski blames refinery problems in Indiana and Illinois for prices pushing four dollars a gallon. 

“When these two refineries had problems, it caused a shift in product that had to come up from Kansas and Oklahoma,” says Laskoski, “As a result we’re seeing extreme spikes all thoroughout the region.”

Laskoski does not expect Michigan will approach its all-time high price for gasoline in the foreseeable future. Two years ago, Michigan hit its highest average price for a gallon of regular gas.  It was $4.28.