Michigan's planned trash burning ban snuffed out | Michigan Radio

Michigan's planned trash burning ban snuffed out

Mar 21, 2011

Last year state officials approved a ban on burning trash starting April 1st, 2011.  But with the date drawing near, it appears backyard burning appears safe, at least legally, for now.    

  The Department of Environmental Quality adopted the ban last year.   If the rule was to take effect, it would be the first time in three decades that the state would bar Michiganders from burning household wastes.   But former Governor Jennifer Granholm never approved the ban, and current Governor Rick Snyder hasn't either. 

The Associated Press reports that leaves the proposed ban up in the air:  Brad Wurfel, a spokesman at the Department of Environmental Quality, said Monday that "it's far from a done deal." He says there's also legislation to stop the new policy. 

State regulators say trash burning causes wildfires and the smell of trash fires often offend neighbors.