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Michigan's primary stands out

Feb 1, 2016

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(This story was updated at 9:55am on February 2, 2016) 

Michigan's open primary is on March 8th. 

Michigan Radio's senior political analyst Jack Lessenberry stops by Stateside to explore the nuances of  Michigan's 2016 primary with host Cynthia Canty.

Lessenberry thinks Michigan could play a major role in choosing the presidential nominees of one, or both parties this year. Others agree, including the Hillary Clinton campaign, which this weekend called for adding a Democratic debate with Senator Bernie Sanders in Flint just ahead of the primary. 

In regards to voter turnout for Michigan's primary, Lessenberry's assessment is less than enthusiastic as he tells Canty, "I'd be amazed if we get even 25 percent... (of registered voters) show up." Those wishing to participate in the March 8th primary have until Monday February 8th to get registered to vote.  An earlier version of this post stated that Michigan was the only state holding a primary election on March 8th. That was incorrect and we regret the error.