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Michigan's promise zones expanding

Nov 13, 2017

“Let’s go make this legal.  Let’s go sign this bill,” Gov. Rick Snyder told a crowd of dignitaries gathered at Kettering University in Flint last week.

The governor was in Flint to sign an expansion of Michigan’s ‘Promise Zone’ law.   The legislation expands the number of Michigan communities that can provide special ‘promise zone’ college scholarship programs from 10 to 15.

In designated promise zones, foundations raise money for college scholarships with some matching state tax dollars.  

State Senator Jim Ananich has been working for nearly a decade to bring the college scholarship program to Flint. He says the law also expands how students can take advantage of the program.

“Not every kid wants to go to a four year college or feels comfortable doing that.  So we opened up the opportunities for different avenues,” says Ananich.

Flint groups have already raised $2 million for its promise program.