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Michigan's Tom Watkins selected for Upton Sinclair Award

Dec 9, 2010

Tom Watkins of Northville Michigan has been given the Upton Sinclair Award for education from EducationNews.org.

Watkins is the CEO of TDW and Associates, an educational consulting firm, and a former Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Michigan from 2001 to 2005.

In their release, EducationNews.org writes

His idea that any new money invested in our schools without restructuring, reform and reinvention is nothing short of "providing a lubricant to protect the status quo" should be noted on a national scale. His ideas, his constant vigil and commitment  for schools regarding what is best for the children and youth of America and abroad is admirable and should be a consideration for all of the 15,000 school districts across the USA.

Watkins tells Michigan Radio,

Our children deserve an educational system that places teaching and learning above power, control politics and adults. I celebrate the great educators who give it their all-- and challenge the rest of us to do better by our kids. Our collective future depends on getting it right.