Millions in federal flood aid approved for Detroit area | Michigan Radio

Millions in federal flood aid approved for Detroit area

Dec 16, 2014

Floods hit metro Detroit hard this summer.
Credit Michigan State Police

Detroit-area residents are getting a reported $246 million in federal recovery money after the August floods.

FEMA has approved $141 million in grants, while businesses will get another $104 million in low-interest loans.

But others are still waiting.

Warren Fire Commissioner Skip McAdams says paying for flood-damaged fire trucks and EMS units has been expensive.

"By the end of the emergency, we were down to one fire truck, one EMS squad, and that was about it,” he says.

"All of our vehicles have required significant repair just to limp through this emergency."

So far that money has been coming out of a special emergency fund put together by the city.

Even so, he says, "We are still handicapped. And as each piece of equipment has permanent repairs made to it, then I'll feel comfortable."

McAdams says they're still waiting to hear if FEMA will help cover those costs.