Money flowing into Michigan's state Senate races | Michigan Radio

Money flowing into Michigan's state Senate races

Nov 6, 2018

Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

This is an expensive year to run for a seat in the Michigan state Senate.

Craig Mauger is the executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. 

He says 10 of the 38 state Senate races have each cost more than $1 million.  The previous high was six in 2010

Mauger says a 2013 change to state election law is the likely reason for the spending increase.

“This is the first cycle where those doubled contribution limits have been intact for the entire four years of fundraising leading up to the election” says Mauger. “And that’s had a lot to do with why the state senate races have been much more expensive this year than past years.”

The most expensive state legislative race is in southeast Michigan.  

Nearly $2.5 million dollars have been spent in the 7th Senate District.