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More of the same: Agema is controversial, Obama likes Michigan, and Republicans rule Congress

Jan 10, 2015

President Obama gives a speech at the Al Glick Field House in 2012. The president makes frequent Michigan stops, including one in Detroit earlier this week. What keeps him coming back?
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This Week in Review, Jack Lessenberry and Zoe Clark discuss stories which seem new but are actually just more of the same. Dave Agema, President Obama and the 114th Congress are all giving Michigan a sense of Déjà vu.

Dave Agema

Even some Republicans are now calling for Dave Agema’s resignation after the Republican National Committeeman posted a racist article to his Facebook page on New Year’s Eve.

It’s not the first time Agema has come under fire. He’s kicked up similar controversies with posts directed at gays and Muslims in the past.  

Republicans say there’s no way to remove Agema from his job, though Lessenberry said they probably just don’t want to.

“[Agema] does have a certain base of support,” Lessenberry said.

President Obama

President Barack Obama’s visit to a Detroit Ford plant this week was just one of series of trips he’s made to Michigan in the past year.

What is it about the mitten state that continues to draw him back? Faygo? Bob Segar? The luxury of having two peninsulas from which to choose?

Lessenberry said the trips probably have more to do with the success of Obama’s auto industry bailout.

“[Michigan] is a feel good place to be,” Lessenberry said. “It’s an indicator to the country that [Obama’s] economic policies are working.”

114th Congress

The 114th congressional session is now underway, and five new delegates are representing Michigan.  

Despite the warm bodies, Michigan’s numbers in DC are the same: nine Republicans and five Democrats.

Lessenberry isn’t surprised.

“The districts, of course, have been gerrymandered to produce that result,” he said.

– Rebecca Kruth, Michigan Radio Newsroom