Mortuary sciences is a booming field of study

Feb 9, 2015


Kathlene Rodgers is a senior in Wayne State University's mortuary science program.
Credit Kathlene Rodgers

All this week on Stateside, in our series Living with Death, we're talking to people about how the process of death and dying has changed.

Today we talk about what changes the mortuary science field has experienced.

We know it’s inevitable, but death is not something that all people come to embrace. For those working in the profession of mortuary sciences, it is a fact of daily life.

Historically, individuals chose to study mortuary sciences due to other family members in the field. But today, more and more individuals, especially women, are studying mortuary sciences without any family connection.

What inspires an individual to become an undertaker? What reservations do they have about the field?

We explored these questions with Kathlene Rodgers, a senior studying Mortuary Science at Wayne State University and the Assistant Funeral Director at Howe-Peterson Funeral Home in Dearborn.

Listen to our conversation with Rodgers below.