MSU to offer class on how to survive a zombie pandemic | Michigan Radio

MSU to offer class on how to survive a zombie pandemic

Mar 5, 2012

Michigan State University is taking the zombie movie craze one step farther with a class that asks: What would you do if zombies actually attacked?

MSU's seven-week, online summer class looks at how people behave in times of catastrophe...real or otherwise.

MSU Social Work instructor Glenn Stutzky says his class, "Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse - Catastrophes and Human Behavior," will start with a simulated zombie pandemic.

The students will be put into small “survivor” groups, where they'll get a packet of information explaining what just happened.

"They won’t have the whole thing, because part of it is the struggle to assess your situation, try to get good information, and then build your plan from there."

Stutzky says one of the things he hopes his students learn is how to work together. "No matter what we face in the future, we’re going to fair better by learning how to cooperate with one another," explains Stutzky.

In addition to a zombie pandemic, Stutzky says students will learn about real, historic catastrophes like the Black Plague and Spanish Flu. He says the class will touch on everything from psychology to anthropology to geology.

Here's a video Stutzky made for the course. It features - yup, you guessed it - a zombie:

The two-credit course starts May 14.