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Nassar victims making new claims face September deadline

Jul 19, 2018

Victims of Larry Nassar who were not among the 333 women and girls in the original settlement must file a claim in court by September 10th in order to be eligible for compensation from a $75 million fund.
Credit Jodi Westrick and Emma Winowiecki / Michigan Radio

In May, a settlement was reached between Michigan State University and 333 women and girls who were abused by former MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar. The settlement included $425 million for survivors who came forward before the settlement was signed, and $75 million for any victims who come forward later on. 

Some women in the latter group, however, face a fast approaching deadline: September 10th, 2018.

“If that window is missed, many of the claimants will be unable to make any type of recovery,” said Michael Pitt, a civil rights attorney in Royal Oak who is representing five women who were not part of the original settlement.

The deadline was set by bills passed earlier this year by the Michigan Legislature that changed statutes of limitations for sexual assault cases. 

Pitt joined Stateside to talk about the difference between the two settlement funds, the legislation governing the deadline, and the legal process for the women Pitt represents.

Listen above.

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