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New ad supporting Iran nuclear deal hits Michigan airwaves

Aug 4, 2015

There's a new ad supporting the Iran nuclear deal on Michigan airwaves this week.
Credit J Street

A new ad in support of the Iran nuclear deal is making its way to Michigan airwaves this week.

The U.S.-based, pro-Israel organization J Street paid for the ad, which they say "represents growing public support for the Iran deal within Israel's security establishment."

The Israeli government remains opposed to the nuclear agreement, while U.S. Congress is expected to vote on on it next month.

Bob Kolt, an Okemos-based advertising consultant, says the ad likely won't do much to sway lawmakers on the measure.

"Politicians know how they're going to vote, for the most part," Kolt said. "But [the ad] might have an effect on public polling, to which lawmakers are very sensitive."

Kolt says the ad is likely the first of many from both sides before Congress votes on the matter.

"Lawmakers encourage advertising support," he said. "Their message gets out to the public, and they don't feel silly trying to say it."