New art project hopes to lift up Flint's housing image

Jul 20, 2013

Construction is scheduled to start Monday on a unique take on Flint’s housing crisis.

Many Flint homeowners are underwater on their mortgages. In response, artists are erecting a floating home in the middle of a downtown Flint parking lot. The faux single family home will rest on a pedestal, covered in reflective material, creating the illusion the home is floating.

Jerome Chou is with the Flint Public Art Project. He says the designers took inspiration from Flint’s legion of abandoned and foreclosed homes.

“They wanted to treat that in a way that talks about renewal and rebirth. And they wanted to create a beautiful, iconic symbol for the city of Flint,” says Chou.

The project costs about $30 thousand dollars, or roughly the price of a real two bedroom home in Flint.