New bill would let drivers give electronic proof of insurance

Mar 27, 2015

Michigan drivers may soon have a new option for providing proof of insurance during a traffic stop.
Credit Jimmy Emerson / Creative Commons

Michigan drivers who have trouble keeping track of paper proof of insurance forms may soon have another option.

The state House this week passed a bill that would let drivers use smartphones or other electronic devices to show proof of insurance when pulled over.

Many insurance companies already offer apps and other ways for insured drivers to view their information electronically.  

The bill would allow drivers to present that information on a smartphone or other electronic device during a traffic stop. They would also be able to email the information to the police officer who pulled them over.

Republican Representative Aric Nesbitt is the bill’s sponsor.

“In Michigan, we’re stuck in the 1960s paper world, where the only option you have is a paper copy of your proof of insurance,” he said.

Nesbitt says the bill would save police officers from having to issue tickets to drivers who are up to date on their insurance premiums but left their proof at home.

“Half the states in the nation allow proof of insurance through electronic means, and I believe this is a good first step [for Michigan],” he said.

The bill cleared the House with an overwhelming majority. It now moves to the Senate.