New book features more “famous and forgotten” Michigan authors

Jun 21, 2016

Credit Flickr user Arielle Fragassi/Flickr

Michigan has a rich history of wonderful writers. Among them are more than a few marquee names, but there are so many more whose works have been put on the shelf and are waiting to be rediscovered.

Jack Dempsey and his brother Dave Dempsey are doing their best to call attention to these unheralded Michigan writers with their latest book, Ink Trails II: Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors.

The book brings 16 writers' stories to the forefront to help readers rediscover them or discover them for the first time.

Listen to the full interview with Jack Dempsey as he discusses the criteria that went into selecting the authors and reads an excerpt from the book.

Jack Dempsey, author of Ink Trails II: Michigan's Famous and Forgotten Authors