New clean up plan for 'green ooze' site | Michigan Radio

New clean up plan for 'green ooze' site

Jul 1, 2020

'Green ooze' was spotted leaking onto I-696 in Madison Heights in December, 2019
Credit Michigan Department of Transportation

Federal and state environmental agencies have agreed on a groundwater cleanup plan for a site in Madison Heights where a toxic green-ooze leaked onto I-696 last year.

The green ooze seeped from a former electroplating business.  

Since last December, the federal Environmental Protection Agency has collected more than a quarter million gallons of contaminated groundwater from the site.

Under the new plan, chemicals will be injected into the subsurface soil between the building and the service drive, as well as along the top of the I-696 embankment.

As groundwater naturally migrates through the soil, the treatment chemicals will break down the contaminants.

The legal effort to demolish the former chemical treatment business and remove the contaminated soil continues.