New data shows elevated PFAS levels around Flint's Buick City | Michigan Radio

New data shows elevated PFAS levels around Flint's Buick City

Feb 12, 2019

Former Buick City site, Flint, Michigan
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

New data shows elevated levels of PFAS in sewers passing through the old Buick City site in Flint.

PFAS are a family of chemicals that have been linked to serious health concerns.   

The term PFAS refers specifically to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, (the term “PFCs,” or perfluorinated chemicals is also sometimes used).

Testing showed elevated levels of PFAS in four of the five locations sampled in December. It’s the latest evidence of PFAS contamination around the former auto industrial complex. Previous testing showed PFAS seeping into the Flint River near Buick City.

The property is now managed by the RACER Trust, which was created to dispose of a former General Motors property during its bankruptcy proceedings a decade ago. 

Bill Callan is a RACER Trust spokesman. He says RACER has reported the testing results to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Callen says they are still trying to determine the source of the PFAS and any remediation plan will have to wait while their data gathering phase continues.