New poll shows MI parents' top concern is education | Michigan Radio

New poll shows MI parents' top concern is education

May 15, 2019

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A new survey shows Michigan parents are most concerned about education.

The Education Trust-Midwest polled 600 Michigan parents with children living at home. It found across race, income level, and political affiliation, parents' top concern is education.

Brian Gutman is the Director of External Relations for the group.

"Parents prioritize education, they think improving the quality of education is the most important thing the state can and should be doing," he says. "These are made into political issues and that's really unfortunate and the impact is really on our students."

The poll also found two-thirds of parents support giving more resources to children with the greatest need.

"Parents know what they want for their kids, and they are saying it loud and clear, and we should be listening as we make laws that impact their children," says Gutman.