New songs from Michigan bluegrass musician show “there’s hope in the midst of every calamity”

May 30, 2017

There's an irresistible energy and life to bluegrass music.

The non-stop rhythms of the banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass, plus the vocal harmonies that make this music so rich, can make just about anyone want to jump up and dance.

Mark Lavengood's new album, "We've Come Along."
Credit Courtesy of Mark Lavengood

Well, here is a Grand Rapids musician who got hooked on old time music. Mark Lavengood plays the dobro and steel guitar, among other instruments. He’s been touring with Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys and the Mark Lavengood Bluegrass Bonanza. Now, this singer/songwriter is sharing that passion with the release of his third full-length album titled, "We've Come Along."

The underlying message? “The hope,” Lavengood said. “The hope that we can aspire to find some sort of purpose in the midst of any sort of calamity.”

Mark Lavengood will be playing new music from his album "We’ve Come Along" at the Ark in Ann Arbor on June 1st.

Listen to his full Stateside interview above.

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