New technology at Detroit Metro Airport to reduce travelers' wait times

Jul 30, 2014

International travelers may soon experience shorter wait times at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Credit J. Miguel Rodriguez / Flickr

New technology at the airport aims to make the U.S. customs process a little easier.

Thirty new Automated Passport Control kiosks will allow travelers to enter their information at computers, instead of filling out declaration cards.

Kris Grogan is with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. He says the new system will help the agency's officers be more effective at their jobs.

"What the system allows us to do, for U.S Customs and Boarder Protection, is it allows us to focus on the traveler and the law enforcement side of it," Grogan said. "It takes away the administrative action that the officer would do previously when they would come through the window."

The technology was first installed in an airport last year, and has since expanded to 30 airports around the country.

Ken Hammond is also with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

"C.B.P. is relentlessly self-critical and we are looking to explore additional ways to improve the traveler experience," Hammond said.

Airports that currently use the kiosks report wait times being reduced up to 40%.

– Alyse Guenther, Michigan Radio Newsroom