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New U of M poll looks at "sharenting"

Mar 16, 2015

A new University of Michigan poll says many parents may want to rethink some of the things they’re posting online about their kids.

The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health finds a lot of parents of young children talk about them a great deal on social media:

Who uses it most:
84% of moms, 70% of dads  
56% of moms, 34% of dads discuss child health and parenting

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Common topics:
Sleep, nutrition, discipline, daycare/preschool and behavior

72% say it makes them feel less alone
67% say they get advice from other parents
62% say it helps them worry less

68% worry about child’s privacy
67% worry someone will re-share child’s photos
52% worry child will be embarrassed when older

On other parents:
74% know a parent who overshares, which includes sharing embarrassing info, providing information that identifies child’s location, and posting inappropriate photos.

Dr. Sarah Clark admits deciding what’s too much parent sharing or “sharenting,” is hard to define.

“From parent to parent to parent, the line that demarcates over 'sharenting' is quite blurry,” says Clark.

Clark says parents should remember that what they share on social media about their children will still be there when their kids are older, and may not find it amusing.