No bail for man charged in suspected terrorist attack at Flint airport | Michigan Radio

No bail for man charged in suspected terrorist attack at Flint airport

Jun 28, 2017

The man charged in a suspected terrorist attack at Flint’s airport will spend the Independence Day weekend behind bars.

In a calm voice, Amor Ftouhi said “Allahu Akbar” twice as he entered a federal courtroom in Flint this morning. Ftouhi was shackled and wearing an orange jumpsuit. He also wore a small surgical mask which a court spokesman says is for "unspecified health reasons."

Ftouhi is from Montreal.  He has joint Canadian-Tunisian citizenship. 

The hearing was to determine if a judge would grant bail for the man accused to stabbing a police officer at Flint’s Bishop International Airport.  The officer is recovering from a 12-inch gash to his neck.

Ftouhi’s attorney told the judge her client understood, given the seriousness of the charge, that he’s not a U-S citizen and he has no ties to Michigan, that it was unlikely he would get bond.  He didn’t.

Immigration officials also have a hold on him as well, which means even if he got bail, he would still remain behind bars. 

Ftouhi’s next court appearance will be next week.  

U.S. District Magistrate Stephanie Davis Dawkins set a preliminary hearing for July 5th on the charge of “violence at an international airport”.    But that could change.

If a federal grand jury indicts Ftouhi on any additional charges, next week’s hearing would turn into an arraignment.