“Nobel Prize” for business goes to MI CEO for training women in conflict zones | Michigan Radio

“Nobel Prize” for business goes to MI CEO for training women in conflict zones

Apr 30, 2018



Blaker said that her trip to Afghanstan was "eye opening," and inspired her to get involved with establishing women as business leaders in conflict areas.
Credit Courtesy of Lori Blaker

Think of it as a sort of Nobel Prize for businesses: the Oslo Business for Peace Award


The Business for Peace Foundation each year honors business leaders who use their business skills to do good: to help the economy, to help society, and to do it in a way that is ethical and responsible. 

This year’s winners are from Ireland, Columbia, and Southeast Michigan.


Lori Blaker is the CEO of TTi Global, which is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills. 


It’s a staffing, training, research, and consulting company that operates in more than 24 countries on five continents. But it’s what Blaker has done with women in conflict regions like Kabul, Afghanistan that has won her the Oslo Business for Peace Award.


Blaker joined Stateside to tell us about the company and the international project. Listen above to hear her explain where the idea came from, what she does for women to put them in positions of power, and why she sees commerce as the key to building more bridges in conflict areas. 


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